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Until the age of 20, bicycles had little significance in my life. As a teenager, I grew up with Motorbicycles, and I only discovered my passion for bicycles at the end of the 1980s, in the wake of the mountain bike boom. It hit me like a thunderbolt when I bought my very first Mountainbike, a Raleigh Technium Chill. That's exactly how I imagined freedom and thus began a passion that continues to this day, 3 decades later. As then a friend asked me if I wanted to work for the Swiss distributor of Panasonic Bicycles, my entry into the bicycle industry was perfect.


Many inspiring people with a never ending passion for cycling and famous brands, such as Panasonic, Trek, Gary Fisher, Bontrager, Klein, Lemond, Marin, Rocky Mountain, Intense, Yeti and others have accompanied me professionally through this long, not yet ending journey. Words can not express how thankful I am for this.

Premium bike and accessories brands of the 1990s always fascinated me. This period reflects the focus of my passion for collecting. Helping to preserve the craftsmanship of the past is an important motivating factor. The search for period-correct parts and bikes, the restoration from scratch and the almost (in my eyes) perfect result leave me with a deep sense of satisfaction.


Have fun browsing my site and keep up the passion.

Ride on - Michel

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